MEV CAMP is a user-generated unconference primarily focused around technicals, trading, and Solana.

It's a full-day event on 10/29/23 in Amsterdam, front-running the Solana Breakpoint conference by one block. It is targeted at Solana developers, quantitative traders and infrastructure operators.

Note: the discussion is off-the-record with no recording. Anon presenters are welcome.

Hello Campers ๐Ÿ‘‹

A rough year is over, most of us made it, and some that couldnโ€™t take their chips off the table that wonโ€™t join us this time. While crypto winter is raging, we assemble again to share the learnings we made, building in this maximally adversarial environment.

As the noise around us has settled, we finally have all the time needed, to plan and modify the fundamental architectures of the projects we are building. Every piece of duck-tape that was slapped on while fire-fighting during the last run should be revisited.

They are signs of weakness of our current infrastructure. This meeting is dedicated to the architects, the economists, the engineers, that lay the foundations for more scalability to brace for the storm to come.

In true crypto fashion, we want to gather the brightest minds in DeFi to identify and analyze the problems of our industry openly. But letโ€™s not stop there and reclaim our values.

Letโ€™s collectively propose improvements and new solutions one commit at a time.

Sign ups are very limited, please register early:

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