MEV Camp is a user-generated unconference primarily focused around MEV. It's a full-day event on 11/3/22 in Lisbon, front-running the Solana Breakpoint conference by one block.

The mother of all bull-markets crashed into a wall earlier this year. Crypto broke its promise, it’s not an inflation hedge. Since then, the excitement about the future, new assets together with the “up only” Extravaganza has ended. User numbers are reduced, asset prices depressed and trading volume the lifeblood of everyone’s revenues is diminishing.

Defi is dead ☠️

In retrospect the wagmi and up only memes were all fake, or were they? Once the bubble bursts an industry needs to focus on its bottom line. Reduce spending and focus on sustainable growth. Commit to Ponzi rehab or get poor quickly.

In true crypto fashion, we want to gather the brightest minds in DeFi to identify and analyze the problems of our industry openly. But let’s not stop there and reclaim our values. Let’s collectively propose improvements and new solutions one commit at a time.

<aside> 🗣 The fight’s not over, breakout, regroup, attack. You know the drill, the future of France won’t be rebuilt in one day.


Signups are closed for now, invitations are going out this week.


General Schedule ⌚

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